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“Darkness to Light”

Sun., November 20, 2016
4:00 pm, Great Hall, Hart House
University of Toronto

Concert Repertoire (tentative):

selected from
I. “Saeta Antigua: No hay precedente” (solo voice, flute, percussion), anonymous
II. “Hor ch’è tempo di domire(solo voice, cello, guitar), Tarquino Merula
III. “Con todo palabra” (solo voice, choir, band), Lhasa de Sela
IV. “La marée haute” (solo voice, band), Lhasa de Sela
V. “Darà la notte il sol” (choir), Claudio Monteverdi
VI. “Lux aurumque” (choir), Eric Whitacre
VII. “Water Night” (for choir), Eric Whitacre
VIII. “Epitaph for Moonlight” (choir, pitched percussion), R. Murray Schafer
IX. “On The Nature of Daylight” (instrumental only), Max Richter
X. “The Same Sun Shine” (choir, piano), Bob Chilcott
XI. “Light of the World” (choir, band), Stephen Schwartz
XII. “Let The Sun Shine In” (solo voices, choir, band), Galt MacDermot