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Film Board Farm Project: A Two-Day Movie-Making Retreat

WHAT: Join a group of friends and strangers on a two-day movie-making retreat. A fun and educational time away from the city. No experience necessary. All the equipment (cameras, lights etc) will be supplied and you are welcome to bring your own.
WHEN: August 6-8. The bus will leave Hart House at 12 noon Tuesday August 6 and return to Hart House by 6pm Thursday August 8.
WHERE: Hart House Farm


TICKETS: (Includes food, lodging, return transportation). Open to everyone.UofTtix Box Office (416) 978-8849

Before 5pm July 26 – $70

After 5pm July 26 – $80

Registration DEADLINE – 5pm, August 2


You are invited to attend an informal meet and greet information session to see if people have special interests (e.g. camera, acting); your experience level and to discuss how to best approach the retreat. You do not have to be registered to attend an information meeting.

Meeting Dates:

6-8pm Wednesday July 24

6-8pm Wednesday July 31

Meeting Location:

Hart House (check Hub for room location)

ABOUT THE FACILITY: The Hart House farm is a beautiful 150-acre property cradled in the Caledon Hills on the ridge of the Niagara Escarpment, only 1-hour north Toronto. Featuring an outdoor sauna and 2 swimming ponds.
PERSONAL NOTES: Participants must bring their own bedding (sleeping bag) and toiletries and towels. You are also welcome to pitch a tent on site. There are no showers. All participants contribute to cooking and cleaning duties. No pets allowed.


Rick Palidwor 416-978-5363

 Past Events

Film Board co-presents “Courage” screening with DOC Toronto

The Film Board is pleased to co-present a screening of Courage at 6:30pm on October 30. Free. Details here:

Film Board co-presents “Graceland” screening

The Hart House Film Board is pleased to be a community partner at the 16th edition of the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival, co-presenting: GRACELAND, screening THU NOV 08, 09:55PM, at INNIS TOWN HALL

For more information on Graceland

We have a pair of tickets to give away to the first email received with “Graceland” in the subject line.

Members are also eligible for a 25% discount on regular prices (not valid for festival passes or 4-packs). Quote Promo Code “Community 16”.
Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival takes place November 6-11 in downtown Toronto and November 16-17 in Richmond Hill. For more information about the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival

Reel Asian Graceland

GUH plays to Microcosmos – Live Music to Film

An explosive extravaganza for the eyes and ears as GUH perform a live musical score to the breathtaking microscopic cinematography of insects in the award-winning film ‘Microcosmos’, in an outstanding venue, the Great Hall at Hart House.

GUH will also share insights into their creative process.


In 2010 GUH were commissioned by the Guelph Jazz Festival to compose a score for the film
Microcosmos. GUH will recreate this performance in the Hart House Great Hall as part of the Culture
Days celebration.

GUH have been making music and magic for over 20 years. Their genre-bending songs have been
described as jazz/rock/pop/latin/march/polka/bop/chant/mayhem/what-was-that? Some call it GUH.

GUH member to the press. “Just when you least expect it, we’ll do just what you expect.”

Line-up for this show may include:
Jason Baird (Saxophone)
Jason Clarke (Guitar)
Colin Couch (Tuba)
Brian Cram (Trumpet)
Scott Good (Trombone)
Andrew Henry (Percussion
Blake Howard (Percussion)
Henry Muth (Bagpipes)
Doug Tielli (Trombone)


“…simultaneously playing with the precision of a classical chamber orchestra and the abandon of a
garage-full of punks.” Matt Galloway, NOW

“At a GUH show, it is wise to leave expectations of normalcy at the door.” Terra Lynch, The Gargoyle

“GUH defies description. Forget labels like jazz or classical, it’s dubious if they’re even a ‘band’ or
an ‘orchestra’ – or just a bunch of really smart guys with wicked senses of humour who get together to
make crazy music.” Johnny Dovercourt, Wavelength

“… a meticulous and often theoretical musical experiment.” Jamie Fleming, Venue

“… some audiophiles … can’t figure out whether they’ve been thrown into a Grateful Dead drums/space
set with Sun Ra sitting in, a Turkish bazaar, or a jazz night-club.” John Lyttle, Ottawa Xpress

“…kooky, spacey, enigmatic, in a way that calls up the work of Monk and Mingus, amongst others,
and more often than not, their music goes to a new level of remarkable sonic unity that can blow your
mind. …’They’re like a weather system moving in’, is how one friend put it.” Yashin Blake, Lola

“GUH in performance is a very intimate and personal journey both for the band and the audience, and
it is not always an easy one. But its combination of brain-crunching noise and transcendent expression,
when all its cylinders are firing, is amazing.” James Keast, Exclaim!


Rick Palidwor, 416-978-5363,

For photos and more insight on GUH please see

Programme Advisor / Event Organizer:
Rick Palidwor, 416-978-5363,

Sunday, September 30, 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Hart House Great Hall

Free event as part of Culture Days. No advance tickets. General Admission at the door.

GUH poster

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