SOLD OUT: Hart House of Horrors Halloween Party

Hart House of Horrors Halloween Party

Step into our House of Horrors, and prepare yourself for the most gruesome evening in Hart House history.

Details: There’s safety in numbers, so join us in the Great Hall for a killer dance party with 1200 other potential victims. Stick together as you and your friends investigate the mad scientist’s laboratory, and confront the ghosts of his former patients. If you’re feeling invincible, announce that you’ll “be right back,” and go hunting for food* and drinks in the East Common Room. Just be sure to keep an eye on your plate, because you are what you eat.

A fearless few* will test their boundaries with Carnival Diablo, the ultimate sideshow act of human marvels and curiosities. Try to look away as your hosts impale themselves with rusty nails. Remember to breathe as they swallow a healthy helping of razorblades. How long will you last? How much can you withstand? Will a round of Russian Roulette push you to your limits?

This Halloween, Hart House of Horrors is more macabre than ever, and we’ll be showing you things that can’t be unseen.

Buy TicketsWhen: Sat., Oct. 31, 2015, 8:30 pm
Where: Quad, Main and Second Levels, Hart House / Enter at the West Entrance

Admission restricted to 19+ years.
Valid Government-issued photo ID will be required at the door.

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*Carnival Diablo will be limited to 240 attendees.

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