Camera Club – About Us




Founded in 1919, HHCC has since existed as an organization that gathers avid photographers and provides them with the equipment and space needed to do what they enjoy. The club first started by offering darkroom facilities for its members, with the advancements in digital photography, a digital darkroom (equipped with a computer with various photo-editing applications, and a flatbed scanner) was also set up to satisfy those who have a passion in this area. Courses for various realms of photography at different skill levels allow students to learn new concepts and techniques.

HHCC acts as a portal to photography news and events all around Toronto, and seeks to build a positive community, both online and offline, where members can share and learn with each other.



Enlargers and Darkrooms

There are three darkrooms for individual use in addition to the main darkroom. The rooms are referenced by the colour of their their door. The yellow and red rooms are for individual use for black and white. These are available to the general membership when not in use for instructional purposes. As a reminder, please report any faulty equipment or chemical needs to us so we may deal with these issues promptly.

Digital Equipment

The Camera Club offers members the use (after an orientation) of a capable digital suite including flatbed and negative/film scanners (including MF) and various editing software.

  • Mac G4
  • Photoshop CS4
  • Nikon Super Coolscan 9000ED ( with 35mm, slides and medium format holder)

The Club provides stock solutions of the most common chemical solutions required for film developing and printing, including developer, stop bath, and fixer. As well,basic chemicals are provided for more customized and advanced applcations. These include chemicals for film and paper processing, such as, hydroquinone, elon, sodium sulphite, acetic acid, sodium thiosulphate, etc. are provided free for the members to make up their own black and white developers and fixer.