Bridge Club Games


  • Our club holds a duplicate bridge game every Tuesday evening from 6:30 pm to approximately 9:30 pm. We play 21 to 24 hands in about 3 hours.
  • Our games are conducted under ACBL rules and top finishers are eligible for ACBL masterpoints.
  • If you are completely new to bridge you are very welcome to join us, see our information for new players here.
  • For those who have already learned the basics of playing bridge, be assured that we welcome players of all skill levels.
  • If you need a partner, contact our partnership coordinator Patrick, at See below.
  • We encourage the use of the ACBL Standard Convention Card, as it helps understanding between partners . To See it, follow the link. Copies are available at the club. More details below.


Bridge photoIf you have played bridge only in social situations, you will find that duplicate bridge differs in some of the rules, scoring, and even in the equipment and tools used at the table. If you have never seen or played duplicate bridge, consider making your very first visit to our game as an observer. We will be pleased to have you as our guest and explain things as we go. We have no doubt that you will be up to speed in no time.


Our club is not only for the University of Toronto. Players from the community are welcome. Games are held year-round, including the summer months. Games are not held on major holidays.


Our games are a great value when compared with typical card fees for ACBL games around the city. See our membership details.

Need a partner?

If you would like to play and do not have a partner, contact our partnership coordinator Patrick, at with as much notice as possible. Include an estimate of your skill level, the systems you can play and the best ways for a potential partner to contact you. We cannot guarantee a match, but we will do our best.

More on Convention Card:

See ACBL site for more about SAYC (Standard American Yellow Card system) and other interesting information.

At first sight, the card can be intimidating. Don’t worry about filling it out in detail. You’ll see that it already has common conventions such as Stayman and Blackwood used by many social players. Dozens of other conventions have been invented to describe various hands, and you’ll discover some you enjoy using.

The card serves two purposes: One, it tells your opponents what you play. Two, making out a card allows you and your partner to get your understandings straight. Many longtime partnerships have improved just on this alone.

The convention card at the club

In ACBL games, such as the weekly game at Hart House, each player is required to have a convention card legibly filled out and on the table throughout the session.

Sometimes you meet a partner for the first time just minutes before the start of the game. On those occasions a club may be lenient and allow you to proceed – on that first occurrence – in the interests of getting the game started on time. But if you have played with your partner before, you need completed convention cards at the table.

Remember, you are choosing to play in ACBL games and to potentially earn ACBL masterpoints, so you are expected to follow the ACBL convention card rule.


How to fill out the convention card

To save space, the convention card uses quite a few abbreviations. The ACBL has prepared a step-by-step guide to explain those shorthand references and to help players fill out their cards. The guide is available from the ACBL website here (opens a new window).

Blank  Convention Cards are available from the ACBL website. The back of the convention card, or page 2 of the pdf, is a scoresheet that you can use to record your results during the game. The scoresheet is not an essential part of your convention card.

One option we can recommend is to use the card shown above (what the ACBL calls a basic system) as a “starter” card. You and your partner can then add to it as you work out the details of your partnership agreement. The basic system card is available from the ACBL website here (pdf) or simply click on the image of the card above.

Having your convention card helps you achieve two goals: One, you will now be following ACBL rules. Two, you will be clarifying with your partner the meanings of your bids and, as a consequence, improving your game and your results. Fill one out today!