Archery Club FAQ


Who can join?
Members of Hart House. All University of Toronto students are already members at Hart House and only need to purchase a membership to the archery club itself. As for the rest of the Toronto community, do not despair! You can purchase a Clubs Membership from Hart House. Please check out their website for more details.
How do I join?
Buy your membership at the Hub (front desk) in Hart House at the start of the term, and please remember to sign up for a Safety Lesson. These lessons are mandatory for all new members. Membership is limited, but they are annual and renewable. All memberships are good until the end of the school year, whether they are bought in September or January.
What if memberships are sold out?
The HHAC now offers additional classes outside of club hours. There are 5-week sessions for Level I and Level II classes. Level I Monday classes are 50 minutes long, offering one-on-one coaching for all participants. Level II classes on Wednesdays are for returning or experienced members only. These classes are 90 minutes long, and include an exercise component targeting specific muscle groups. You can register online. Any questions regarding lessons can be directed here:
What about the “stuff”? (Equipment)
The club will provide all the necessary equipment at no additional charge. For the more experienced archer who just needs a place to practice, however, personal equipment is also allowed in the range.
Is it dangerous?
If you follow the rules and listen to the range officers archery is a very safe sport.
When do you shoot? Where do you shoot?
Members are welcome to shoot during Open Range hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5-8pm. This is a very social club, and there is no minimum commitment of time to join this club. For more information please visit our Club Information page.
What should I wear?
No baggy clothing as it gets in the way of shooting and the range itself can get very warm. Be prepared to take off jewelery for the same reason. Be prepared to have fun!
Archery in the GTA:

Weren’t able to join the club in time? Or looking for a club for your child/a minor? Please note that while currently the HHAC is not outfitted to cater to youths, this is an option that we are exploring for future years.
In the mean time, please check out these other amazing facilities and coaches: the Ontario Center for Classical Sport or Shawn Adams Archery.


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